70:20:10 Forum Implementation Pathway - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the 70:20:10 Forum Implementation Pathway?

A. The Implementation Pathway is a feature for use by practitioners with a current access licence to 70:20:10 Forum. It is an online pathway that helps practitioners to effectively apply the 70:20:10 Forum's toolkit resources and leverage global community support as they scope their work, identify defined tasks, associated activities and opportunities to post within the community area of the 70:20:10 Forum.

Q. How does the Implementation Pathway enable and support 70:20:10 practitioners?

A. It features a carefully designed series of activities with references to core and optional tasks which the practitioner can use as they plan, develop and implement their chosen strategies to embed workplace learning. Practitioners can log their activities, share and learn from others through the community and the Implementation Pathway library, while building their own living 70:20:10 case study.

Q What is the aim of the Implementation Pathway?

A. The aim of the Implementation Pathway is to provide an innovative supported workplace learning approach that uses the 70:20:10 principles to enable L&D practitioners to learn plan, develop and implement 70:20:10. It inducts practitioners into how the 70:20:10 Forum resources can be used and applied while providing them with a platform to capture and develop their 70:20:10 implementation planning efforts.

Q. How should I use the Implementation Pathway?

A. The pathway is a step-by-step process which allows practitioners to undertake their work around implementing 70:20:10 as they use it.  It is an agile planning tool which helps you develop the tasks associated with improving the outcomes of workplace learning in your organisation within the context of your organisational objectives.

Q. Who can access the Library of Implementation Pathways?

A. The Implementation Pathways are held in an area accessible only by licenced 70:20:10 Forum practitioners.

Q. What are the key features of the Implementation Pathway?

A. It features a set of activities with references to core and optional tasks supported by customisable tools and resources. It allows you to log activities and associated outcomes and insight in an automated on-line journal type structure. One of the biggest benefits of using the Implementation Pathway is access to the library of others pathways which allows practitioners to discuss, share and comment amongst all the participants about the work they are undertaking.  This pathway can be used by individuals or as a team.

Q. How is the Implementation Pathway different from 70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™?

A. The Implementation Pathway is a feature of 70:20:10 Forum licence access and helps practitioners through a directed approach to make the most of the tools, resources and events offered. It can be applied by those new to 70:20:10 or those who have already commenced embedding workplace learning.  70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™ is an entirely different program which offers three distinctive supported pathways reflecting the different roles and responsibilities within the Learning Function. Unlike the Implementation Pathway, the Certification Pathway is individually assessed, with a recognition award - Certified 70:20:10 Practitioner™ - given upon succesful completion, and these are curated within a different library (available only to Certification program participants).  The content and activities of the Implementation Pathway and the Certification Pathways also differ. 

Q. How do I commence my Implementation Pathway?

A. The implementation pathway feature is available to practitioners with a current access licence to the 70:20:10 Forum. To access or start your implementation pathway, login to your profile and then click on 'Dashboard' then select either Start my Implementation Pathway, or if you have commenced it already, choose Continue to my Implementation Pathway

Q. How can I access and view other practitioners' Implementation Pathways?

A. Only practitioners with licenced access to 70:20:10 Forum can gain access to the Implementation Pathway library. They can do this by accessing the Library option in the practitioner dashboard in the 'Dashboard' where practitioners login.

Q. Do I have to make my Implementation Pathway public?

A. The idea behind the Implementation Pathway is to 'work out loud' as this promotes discussion and collaborative working which supports practitioners as they plan and develop their strategy.  This is made possible by ensuring you keep your pathway public. If you are just starting out and wish to first populate your pathway to a certain degree you may want to check the 'private' box until your pathway progresses.

Q. Can I comment or ask questions on other practitioner pathways?

A. Yes, you can comment and ask questions by going into the Implementation Pathway library and into a practitioner's pathway and click the 'Add Comment' box to include you comment or question.

Q. Can I save my Implementation Pathway once I have completed it?

A. Upon completion your Implementation Pathway remains in the pathway library. You can also choose to print it out as a hard copy, or if you wish to save it to your PC then choose 'print it PDF'  and then save the PDF to your computer.

What to learn more about the Implementation Pathway? Or find out how to go further by undertaking 70:20:10 Practitioner Certification™.